Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bullet Points...

I hate going to long in between blog posts so I am going to cheat and do bullet points once again.

* Last weekend we headed to Ikea and purchased McKenlee's dresser.  Now her bedroom looks like a bedroom.  Yay!!  In January we will get her night stand and Natalie's night stand. (The one Natalie has now is an old hand me down.)  We also purchased 12 chairs to go with our banquet tables for Thanksgiving.  No longer will we be struggling to figure out how we are going to seat everyone.

*  I had a trip to the ER last week with what I thought were heart palpitations. (very scary)  turns out I have been experiencing something called PVC's.  These are benign in most cases (if you have no other risk factors for heart disease or additional symptoms) but they sure feel weird.  They are brought on by several things my two being caffeine and stress/anxiety.  I have cut out all caffeine (boy that was tough) and my stress is getting much better.  The two toddlers that I watch have been so sick and miserable for two weeks.  Poor things just really whiny and clingy which has been super tough when there is two of them and one of me.  They are starting to feel better now thank goodness and I saw a big difference yesterday.  So I am confident that once they get back to their happy self's I will be feeling much better.  Of course, it also eliminated a lot of anxiety to know I wasn't having a heart attack.  LOL

* Natalie's Homecoming for high school is Saturday.  She found the prettiest dress and cutest shoes I can't wait to see her all dressed up.  Some of her friends are coming over before for snacks and pictures.  I'm looking forward to it.  I missed it last year because they had Homecoming really early last year and Dave and I were on our cruise.  So I didn't take any of my own photos.  She is very excited.

*  Next week is McKenlee's last week of fall ball.  It will be nice to be only juggling one daughter's sporting events for a little while.

*  Our weather is cool again Yay!!  I love it...

*  Been working on my time for the half marathon.  I can now do 4 miles at the under 18 minute mile requirement.  I am actually averaging about 17 minutes.  Gives me a little window for the other NINE MILES.  lol  Yeah, I still have a long way to go.

*  Dave was unable to get the week of the kids spring break off work.  I am so disappointed.  This will be the first spring break in years that we haven't gone away. :(   Trying to plan something for the first part of June.  I am just disappointed because we usually go North for spring break and because it is in late March it is usually cold.  We so enjoy having that week of cold weather before the LONG, HOT, Florida summer.

I guess that's all for now.  Tomorrow is Friday am I am ready for this weekend!!!

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