Monday, November 12, 2012

In the Kitchen...

I was reading a blog recently where the author was talking about the up coming Holidays.  She was talking about how she loved being in the kitchen with the women in her family and working together to create the meal that everyone looks so forward to.

This really struck a chord with me.  For many years now I have hosted Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner in my home.  Just because I host it though certainly doesn't mean I do all the cooking.  Everyone brings something and then my Mother and my Grandmother are in the kitchen with me cooking right a long side me.

My Mother is always in charge of the turkey because my family enjoys stuffing made inside the turkey.  Not me, in fact I find that whole stuff bread up a turkey kind of revolting.  I make for myself and my children good ol Pepperidge Farm in a bag stuffing that you make on the stove top.  But the other members of my family are much more traditional and prefer it in the bird.  My Mom also makes our family tradition broccoli casserole which I know how to make but it just tastes better when she does it.   My Grandmother is in charge of the gravy and the cream sauce for the cauliflower. She is also good for a pie or two which she makes with her homemade pie crust.  I have said for many years I need to learn how to make her pie crust.  I haven't done it yet.

Just a couple years ago I made a homemade cranberry sauce.  Before that we had always just served it out of the can.  My homemade sauce was a hit and I have made it ever since.  I guess you could call it my dish.

Oh yeah, and let me never forget that my wonderful husband is the official potato masher.  He does them by hand with an old fashioned hand masher and they turn out wonderful every time.

I had never thought about it to much before but after I read that blog I realized that it is these moments that make the Holidays so much fun.  I love cooking with my Mom and my Grandma.  There are a lot of laughs as we whip it all together.  We tease and joke the whole time.  I'm so glad that my children will have memories of our family all together in the kitchen making the meal together.  I know it won't be long before I am the Mother and the Grandmother in one of my daughter's kitchens.  Hopefully, I will have mastered gravy by then or we are all out of luck.  lol

Here's to the Holidays, I can't wait!!!!

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The Carters said...

That's so great everyone pitches in to help with the meal. My grandmother did not like people in her kitchen. Therefore my mom and I never really learned how to cook! Thankfully my hubby loves to cook and is really good at it too :)