Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy 80th Birthday Nanny Betty...

We celebrated my Grandmother's 80th Birthday on Sunday. My Mom threw her a surprise party at her house.  She had no idea and said she wasn't even suspicious until she saw all the cars parked at my Mom's.  We were very concerned about the weather because her in Florida we have had some crazy weather.  For example today the high is 60.  This is 20 degrees below the norm for this time of year.  Of course, I am not complaining because I know the heat wave is just around the corner.

The weather was supposed to be rainy but luckily the rain held off and it ended up being the perfect day even though it was over cast and not sunny.  As per usual I didn't get as many pictures as I'd have liked to but I got a few so here they are.
My sister was in charge of decorations and everything looked wonderful.

Walking in.


Looking good for 80 huh??

The menu included hamburgers and hot dogs but my niece wanted pizza.  LOL

The grill masters: Dave and his Dad, my Uncle Vern and Thor. (Natalie's boyfriend)
Sydnee working on getting 80 candles on the cake.  No easy feat.  LOL 
She got them all on there but I'm not going to lie after five minutes of constant lighting and the wind we never did get them all lit so my Gram made her birthday wish blowing out about 70 of the 80 LOL.

My girls plus the "two Hannah's" my niece and McKenlee's BFF.

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nanny king said...

Great pictures Suz loved them!