Wednesday, March 13, 2013

We're Back!!!

We are back from our cruise and it was wonderful. Nassau and Freeport were beautiful. The ocean was the most beautiful color and the weather was gorgeous. I will admit the water was a little cold so that was a little disappointing because it was just to cold to swim. But hey I am not complaining. We had a fantastic time. The girls even went on a banana boat tour ride where they ended up in the water. I stayed on the nice warm beach. I loved having the one on one time with McKenlee I loved experiencing the cruise through her eyes it was awesome. She was so excited and so awed by the whole cruise experience. I will never forget her face when we first walked on the ship and she saw the huge glass elevators and the ornate decor. She had no idea what to expect and the awe in her eyes told me it had exceeded all expectations. She kept saying. "I can 't believe how big the ship is." I'm hoping that some time soon we will get to go on a cruise vacation as a family.
First night on the ship.

McKenlee and my niece Kerry and her friend Emma in Freeport.

My sweet girl and her new hat.

My girl and I.


At dinner.  (What is up with my bangs in this picture  lol )

Kerry and I.


The girls on the banana boat ride.


The Carters said...

I've been waiting to see your post on the cruise. So glad ya'll had fun!!! Your vacation sounded wonderful :)

Mandy said...

Looks like y'all had a blast! :)