Monday, April 1, 2013

Bullet Points...

  • My in laws have been here a little over a week and have managed to keep pretty busy.  They have been to Tarpon Springs to see the sponge docks and walk around the shops.  They have been to Safety Harbor and went to the Thursday morning fresh market and walked around main street and had lunch in a quaint little pub.  They have been down to John's Pass and walked the boardwalk.  They have gone down to the St. Pete pier and walked around and had lunch at the pier rooftop restaurant.  The girls and I joined them there on good Friday it was a gorgeous day.  Dave is off this week so they are currently at Fort Desoto Park (one of our famous beaches and also the place where Sydnee lifeguards all summer)  I am really hoping that after they spend a week at the beach next week they make the trip over to St. Augustine.  I love that Dave's Aunt and Uncle have joined them this trip it keeps my Father in law busy showing them around, otherwise he tends to get very bored when they are here for more than two weeks.

  • Easter was spent at my Mom 's by the pool.  Although it was to chilly to swim this year it was beautiful to sit next to and enjoy the sunshine.  My Mom pulled off her usual delicious Ham dinner with all the fixings.  Just disappointing my Grandmother couldn't join us.  She has caught the "crud" that is going around everywhere right now.  Hopefully, she makes a speedy recovery as we have dinner plans on Friday night which include a sunset cruise down the Manatee river and dinner at the fantastic place we had brunch  at a few months ago.  A large group of us are going and it should be a really good time.  

  •  Tomorrow I will be booking Natalie's flight to France.  We have been working toward this for awhile trying to get everything to fall into place and to make sure my girl had the courage to navigate the plane ride back by herself.  (She will be flying over with our exchange student Chloe and Chloe's cousin Charlotte who will be staying with us for three weeks this summer)  We have gone over every aspect of the flight and all the steps she will need to take so I am pretty confident that this will go smoothly for her.  I am so excited for her.  Chloe's family have plans to take her to Paris for 4 days where Chloe's grandparents live in Versailles and then to visit her Aunts, one who lives in the south of France and the other who if I understand correctly lives near the coast in a large home in the country.  Can I just say right here and now that I AM SO JEALOUS!!!  LOL  I'm so excited that my children are getting to experience so much traveling this year.  Yes, they are lucky girls!!!  Our hope is to be able to make a quick visit to France to see our new French friends in August of 2014 when we are back in England for a wedding.  Or perhaps Chloe's family could meet us in London for a visit.  We have really enjoyed getting to know these wonderful friends.  We are so blessed to of had the opportunity for ourselves and our girls to have made these international friends.  Please if you ever get the chance to host an exchange student do not hesitate,  it is a wonderful experience.

  •  I have completely fallen off the wagon with my 20 miles a week.  I'm blaming it on all this company of course and the fact that McKenlee is playing softball and has games two nights a week.  I always have excuses when really it is just lack of self discipline.  I really have to get it together again though and soon because very shortly it is going to be really hot and that in itself makes it hard for me to motivate myself if I am not already in my groove.  Wish me luck for getting it together I will definitely need it!!!

  •   That is all I have for today.  Hope this week treats you well and the sun shines down on you!!!

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