Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Natalie is taking a child development class at school.  This is sure to be an easy A considering that she has been raised around babies.  With me being a home daycare provider I can honestly tell you that with the exception of patience (not that she lacks it just that she doesn't have as much as I do and overwhelms quickly) she easily could take care of my little's as well as I can.  I would trust that girl with even the tiniest of new borns.  That being said this week she has to bring home a doll that mimics a real baby and take care of it for 48 hrs.  Apparently, the doll will wake several times during the night and cry until it's needs are met.  I have already heard it 's first crying spell and I can tell you it is very true to life.  It's very loud and the cry is very demanding.  Tonight ought to be interesting.  She is required to name her baby and she has chosen the name Emily.  So without further ado let me introduce you to my granddaughter Emily.  LOL
Isn't she precious!!!

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