Saturday, April 20, 2013

My first week...

Well, I finished my first week at my new job and I am so happy to say I LOVE IT!!!  Of course, right now I am in the honeymoon phase and everything is new, exciting, and challenging.  I know that there will be tough days (everyone has warned me) but in spite of all that, I really think I am going to love my job.  I'm not going to lie right now it is very overwhelming and there is so much information to remember and learn but I know this will take time.

I have enjoyed getting out of the house in the mornings.  I have enjoyed dressing up and feeling pretty.  I have enjoyed meeting new people and talking with adults.  LOL

On to other news:

My in laws and Dave's Aunt and Uncle flew back to England on Thursday it was a wonderful visit.  I think they really enjoyed themselves.  I know we enjoyed having them.  We were treated to (among other things) a brand new rubber maid shed. (our last metal one had rotted and fell apart after so many years and we had been storing the lawn mower and accessories and the kids bikes and other shed type items on the lanai so it was nice to be able to move those to the shed again.  THANKS so much Mum and Dad.

 It was so nice having them here because all those little jobs that you put off  forever get done because Dave has the help and guidance to finish things up.

Sydnee has only one more week and a day of school and then she will be home for the summer.  She also managed to sublet her room at her apt to her best friends sister for the month of July so that will be so nice to not have to pay for a month of rent while she's not there.

  If only she could find someone for May and June. lol

 Of course, in her situation that will be almost impossible because quite honestly it has to be someone they all know.  I wouldn't feel comfortable having someone none of the girls knew moving in with the other two while one was away.  Not to mention the fact, this way Sydnee doesn't have to move her bedroom furniture Tori will just use hers.  It's the perfect situation it's just to bad Tori didn't need the room longer than just one month.  :)

Softball is in full swing and McKenlee is enjoying it.  So far the team hasn't won a single game but they have improved so much I am hopeful that a win is on the horizon.  Either way McKenlee is having fun and playing with a great group of girls.  Her coach is awesome too and that always helps.

Natalie has been driving us all over town and I am proud to say is a really good driver.  She takes her test in her driver's ed class this week and is really nervous.  I know she will do just fine.  Even though she will not be able to drive by herself until she turns 16 in September she won't have to take the test again, she will just take her certificate showing she passed the test to the DMV and they will issue her the license.

This is a relief to me because I am not sure if I ever mentioned (because I am sure at the time she was mortified and made me promise not to tell a soul) Sydnee failed her driving test the first time she took it and was devastated.  That car ride home with her crying was tough, I'm hoping that whole situation will be avoided this time around with this certificate.

 Two days after she failed, Sydnee took her test again and passed with flying colors.  I think it was just nerves, but my girl was just broken hearted and swore us all to secrecy.  Of course, almost 4 years later I hope she's ok that I just shared it with um, lets see the 5 people who read my blog.  LOL

Well, that's about all that is new around here.  Hope you have a fantastic weekend....

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The Carters said...

Sounds like a great week all around - except for your guests leaving. I always miss my company.

Glad your first week on the job went well!