Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Brunch...

My Aunt invited us to brunch today in Sarasota at the River House Reef and Grill. It's a restaurant by a Marina on the Manatee River. We had a wonderful time. The weather couldn't have been better. We had a gorgeous breeze and it wasn't to hot so we were able to sit outside. It was fantastic sitting alfresco with a beautiful view of the river. The food was delicious and the homemade pastries were out of this world. We got a few pictures with our phones because once again I remembered my camera but not the memory stick. (UGH, so frustrating I do this all the time you think I would learn.) It was also a bonus because Sydnee was home for the weekend and was able to join us.

 Afterwards we drove another 20 minutes so I could finally go to a Trader Joes. I read so many blogs where the authors rave about Trader Joes, I was so excited to check it out. Needless to say I was kind of disappointed. I don't know exactly what I was expecting but it definitely wasn't what I was expecting. LOL I guess I really just expected it to be much bigger. It was just a small grocery store. A small grocery store that was packed with people. You couldn't even get down the aisles. Maybe in other towns they are bigger?? Also, this one has only been open for two weeks so maybe that's why it was packed. I might check it out again if one opens closer to my home but I definitely wouldn't make the hour plus drive again just for that store.

 If you have one in your town I would love to know what you think if you shop there.

Here are some photos from today:

McKenlee and I you can see the Manatee River in the back.

Dave and I with our girls walking through the Marina admiring the boats.

My three beauties

Aunt Sharon and the girls..

Another view of our table and the River.

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The Carters said...

What a great day! We have a TJ's here. It is small also - maybe they all are? I don't shop there alot because it's on the other side of town, but they do have some really good breads/cheeses/wines. I've also been told they have really good deals on flowers - but I guess it wouldn't be that good of deal if you're driving an hour :)

But they do have a variety of specialties like cookies and such that are pretty good. Maybe next time it won't be as crowded and it will be easier to look around!