Monday, September 24, 2012

Wind in my hair...

Last night I had to pick up McKenlee from softball practice and return a movie to Red Box. (my new favorite thing by the way)  We had a cold front come through which in Florida means that while the high is still 89 degrees the humidity is lower which gives the illusion that it is cooler.   So when I walked outside to get in my car I thought I am going to roll the windows down and enjoy this cooler air for the car ride.

As I pulled out of my driveway I turned the radio on and one of those fast paced songs with a lot of bass came on.

I immediately felt like a teenager again so I turned it up.
Then I took the clip out of my hair and gave my hair a fluff.  ( I thought it looked pretty good, kind of eighties wild)
I took a quick glance around my new car and thought yeah, this car is kind of sporty not so mini van Mom looking.
I turned the radio up a little louder.
I felt COOL.
I drove a little to fast for a residential neighborhood.
I tapped my hand on the steering wheel of my car to the beat of the song I had blaring.
   (This I was hoping would give the illusion that I actually knew the song and that this was the kind of music I always listened to.)
I made my tires squeal as I pulled out of the Walgreens where the Red Box is located.
   (Ok, this was totally on accident and I was mortified when it happened but then I remembered I was cool so I just went with it.)
I whipped into the softball field parking lot music blaring and saw my daughter sitting on the picnic table with a friend.
As I pulled up she gave me a funny look.  "Why do you have the radio so loud?"

I could tell by her tone and her facial expressions that she didn't get it.  There was no way in her thirteen year old mind that I could ever be cool. Even with the wind in my 80's hair, the music blaring, and my sort of  sporty car.

I didn't care, I just turned the radio down, smiled at her, and asked her how practice went.

Because I knew in my world I was COOL even if it was only for a 15 minute car ride.

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