Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My late night T.V Buddy...

I have mentioned before that I am a huge TV addict.  In my opinion the invention of the DVR is one of the greatest technological advances. (Yes, I'm joking kind of.)  Well of course this is my favorite time of year TV wise because all the fall premiers are airing.

Dave tends to head to bed kind of early around 9pm.  He is more of a lay in bed and watch TV kind of guy. Since we have completely different tastes in shows with a few exceptions I generally hang out in the family room with the big TV and the DVR.

Natalie has to get up so early for school that she tends to go to bed early too.  So this leaves McKenlee and I watching TV together.

I have also mentioned before how at this age McKenlee can sometimes be very difficult to be around.  I remember her sisters going through it as well, something about those middle school years.

I don't know if it is because I am older.
I have less patience because I have been through this twice already.
If I just don't remember how frustrating it can be.
Or if different personalities (McKenlee's personality) handle these difficult years with  more attitude, sass, and drama.  But I just don't remember it being quite as challenging.

 I have come to cherish the times when McKenlee likes being around me.  LOL  When I am not the annoying Mom reminding her to fold the towels, unload the dishwasher, or watch her sassy mouth.

Some of those times are the evenings when it's just the two of us watching TV together.

I love watching TV with McKenlee.  We watch The Voice together and talk about what singers we like,  and just how cute we think Adam Levine is.  We always watch Modern Family together and are very excited about the premier next week. (Dave and Natalie usually join us for that one.)  She watches my all time favorite Survivor with me and together we discuss the different challenges and contestant personalities.

My favorite though is when we watch something that McKenlee thinks might be a little scary.  I love this because it is then that she scoots herself over and cuddles up next to me.  If I am really lucky she will even curl up and lay her head in my lap.

 I have learned to soak up these moments and hold them dear.  To remember them when I am at my wits end with her mouth and her determination to make me crazy.

I am confident that as she grows things will get better and we will have lots of times where we connect and talk and really enjoy each others company.
I have this confidence because I enjoy this now with my older daughters so I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I just have to have patience.  LOTS and LOTS of patience.

Oh how I love this girl!!!

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