Monday, September 3, 2012

McKenlee's Birthday Weekend...

Friday night after Dave got off work we loaded up our vehicles with food and kids. Dave with Natalie and her friend me with McKenlee aka the Birthday girl and her friends. What a great weekend, the weather was perfect and the girls had a blast. I was so proud of how well they all got along (no drama sometimes hard with teenage girls)and behaved. They stayed together as a group like I requested and when I told them it was time for bed and to please keep the noise down they did just that. When I told them they had to be back at the villa at curfew they were not even a minute late. It was a great weekend celebrating McKenlee's 13th B-day and hanging out with friends and family.
YMCA poolside...

Ice cream Sundaes

Campfire singalong..

Afternoon Volleyball..

Circle of Friends..

Smile Girls..

Birthday Kisses..

Water slide with my niece Hannah...

My sister and Mom in the pool..

Hannah LOVED the slides..

My BFF and hubby came with their son and his friend for the day.
 (Their daughter was already with us for the B-day weekend)
Dave and I with our Birthday girl.  A teenager finally.  Let the fun begin.  LOL 

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The Carters said...

you are one brave moma to take 5 teenage girls for a weekend trip :) Looks like a ton of fun!