Monday, September 10, 2012

A Boo Hoo Monday...

Do you have a list of things that you know would make you happier?

Do you feel guilty because you know in your heart that you are suppose to focus on the positive things in your life and not the things that you wish you had?

Yup, me too!

 I decided since it's Monday I am going to have a Boo Hoo day.  Here is a list of things that I know would make me happier.
Am I writing this because I am unhappy? Definitely not, I have a great life and I know it.

Sometimes though you just want to make a list of things that you wish for even when some of them are totally NOT going to happen or are not happening due to your own lack of WILL POWER.
 (Yeah, I bet you already figured out what number 3 is.)

1.  I want to live somewhere with seasons.  Not 12 months of HOT and not quite so HOT.

2.  I want to have more money.  I don't have to be rich I just want a little bit more.  Like maybe just $1,000 a month.  I know that sounds like a lot but would it make any of us millionaires?  I think not, but it would sure make a difference in my life.

3.  I want to be thinner!!  I don't have to be skinny or have a knock out figure I am so past that now that I am older.  But I would like to be thinner.  I feel that my weight consumes me.  (of course not enough to keep my  mouth shut.  LOL)  But sometimes it is all I think about.  There is not an hour that goes by that my weight, how to manage it, what to eat, exercising, does not cross my mind.  I believe that if I were happy with my body my life would be so close to perfect.  I try to accept myself for who I am and love all that my body can do.  ( I know the drill!! Be happy that I have two legs, eyes to see, arms to hold the ones I love)  I get all that but I want to be a size 12 people.  Just a size 12 please, can someone wave their magic wand!!!

4. I want a swimming pool in my back yard.  For years we thought about putting one in but with my Mom only a mile away with her beautiful pool we never could justify the expense.  Now I know we want to move in 5 years so why bother.   Not to mention my kids are older now it would of been awesome to have had it when they were younger.

5.  I want to live close to a Trader Joes.  I have heard wonderful things about this store and I want one close so I can shop there and spend some of that extra $1,000 a month.

6. I want my husbands family to live closer.  He misses them, my kids miss them, I miss them.  I wish we all lived close and could have family dinners once a month.  I want to get to know my great niece in Australia and stop into my sister in laws in England on the way home from the grocery store for a chat.  I want my husband to call his Dad and ask him to meet him at the Pub for a pint after work on a Friday.

7.  I wish there wasn't such a large age difference between my girls and my sister's daughter.  I would of loved for them to have grown up together and be best friends.

8. I wish I knew my Dad.  Or maybe I don't, I mean what kind of person walks out on their kids and never looks back.

9. I wish I liked gardening.  I love pretty yards and creative landscaping, but I hate gardening.  Actually, this goes back to 1. and 2.  If I lived in a cooler state maybe I would like to be out in the yard gardening.  If I had an extra $1,000 a month I could pay someone to do it for me.  See why I wish for number 2.

10.  I wish that my dog wasn't afraid of thunderstorms and wouldn't carry on relentlessly whining in the middle of the night when we are trying to sleep.

There you have it my Boo Hoo Monday list.

Let me just stress I really do have it good and I really appreciate my life but sometimes you just have to have a Boo Hoo Monday...

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