Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fifteen and Fabulous...

My middle daughter turned fifteen last week, man time sure does fly.  We had our traditional family dinner her boyfriend Thor joined us.  Her menu request was Shrimp Alfredo, garlic bread, and tossed salad.

The day after her birthday there was no school so I scheduled her appointment for her to get her drivers learning permit.  She was so excited.  In just these few days, she has already been doing quite a bit of back road driving and she has been on the highway a couple times.

That same evening Thor planned a birthday dinner with a bunch of their friends at a local restaurant.  It was really nice and reminded me just how much she is growing up.  I didn't even have to play taxi driver. She rode to and from the restaurant with her friend Olivia and Olivia's boyfriend Cody.  This is all new to me her getting rides with other teenage drivers.    I love that I am off the hook but at the same time I worry.  Of course Cody has spent time at our house on several occasions and he is a great kid but still.  My daughter is in a car with a teenage driver. (who isn't her sister) Yikes!!

Thor had a beautiful custom made cake for her.  It was a swimming pool complete with lane lines, starting blocks and little swimmers.  One of the swimmers even had "Natalie" monogrammed on her tiny swim cap.

It was darling.

Here are two pictures of my birthday girl.  One is from the dinner party night and the other from her swim meet just last night.

Happy Birthday Nattie Pattie (her nickname) we love you so much!!!

Natalie and Thor

Butterfly Baby!!

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