Sunday, September 30, 2012

Go Knights...

Friday night after Dave got off work we packed up the car and headed over to Orlando to stay with Sydnee and attend our first UCF Knights Football game. We attempted this last year but the weekend we picked ended up being very rainy so Dave and the girls didn't even get to see the campus and we never went to the game. This weekend was perfect the only downfall was that the game was in the middle of the day and of course as per usual in Florida the high was 90 degrees.

 Yes, I thought I was going to die.

 Of course, you have to park miles away from the stadium and tailgating area so by the time we arrived to where some friends of ours (who's children also attend UCF) were I was already miserably hot and soaking with sweat.

 Luckily, they were set up under a tree so we had some shade. Visiting with old friends helped me forget about the heat for awhile, it was so nice to see them. After about an hour or so we made another LONG, HOT, trek to the stadium.

 It was military appreciation day so a highlight of this walk was seeing two fighter jets do a flyover of the stadium. They were so fast and SO LOUD. It was neat to see.

I will quit complaining about the heat long enough to tell you that I loved the atmosphere. Dave didn't go to college and I attended a small local college but never finished so neither of us have ever had the whole go away to college experience. As I sat there in that stadium surrounded by all these young college kids (we sat in the student section with Sydnee and her friends) I was so proud of her for wanting this and working so hard to get there. I was also so thankful that we were able to help her dream become a reality.

 I just wish Natalie could of come with us. She had all conference for swim team yesterday so she wasn't able to join us. Hopefully next time she will get to come too.

 I can't wait until next time but I can assure you it will not be on a day when the high is 90. I will never make that mistake again. We will wait until later in the season when it is cooler and we will definitely be doing and evening game.

 Here are some picture of our wonderful, VERY HOT day.

In the stands...

View of Bright House stadium from our seats.

The band getting ready to go on the field for the half time show.

Sydnee and her BFF Jacqueline who is now a freshman at UCF.

Dave and I in the tailgating area.  Can you tell I am melting? LOL

Me and my girls..

The girls...

Dave and I with Sydnee, McKenlee and Syd's room mate Kayla.
Sydnee and her boyfriend Matt.

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