Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas is Coming

Wow this weekend flew by, I got lots done though it was great. My Christmas cards are officially DONE. In fact some you may have already gotten them. Sorry England friends and family yours are going out today. Yours require a trip to the post office so they are delayed a couple of days. I am actually sending out two different cards this year and here is the story. Normally every year I have big plans to get us all dressed up and ask my sister to come and take a nice Christmas family picture. Then before I know it it is a week before the big day and I still haven't gotten that picture taken. So then I quickly tell the girls to go throw on something Christmassy (is that a word?) and I snap a quick snapshot in front of the tree. Last year I even went to Target and bought them adorable little Christmas shirts in black. I thought they could wear them Christmas Eve too and look really festive. Well guess what, the two older girls hated them so I said "oh well put them on for the picture and I will take them back" which is what I did. It makes me laugh when I look at that picture because it reminds of the story of buying the expensive dress for a party, hiding the tags and then taking it back. (No, I have never done that) There was a time when I would use a picture of the five of us from some vacation we had taken that year that was always easy. Then one year I couldn't find one so that's when I started with the posing by the tree for the Christmas picture. This year I decided I would see what I had because I really thought it would be nice for the Englishman and I to be in the picture for a change. The pictures chosen are recent but they were not taken for the Christmas card purpose. Mighty Mouth and Miss Priss are in Santa's sled from "Christmas in the Park" and Soccer Girl, Englishman and I are from her Homecoming pictures. Of course I had to hear about how the lighting makes her nose look big from Soccer Girl. The second batch of pictures I did (because can you believe I ran out of cards I started with 50 and had to order 30 more) I had the photo printed in the Sepia so the light glowing on her nose wouldn't show. That is how I ended up with two different cards. I had to accomodate Soccer Girls insecurities about her nose (which by the way is not big as far as I am concerned but SHE thinks it is GINORMOUS) She liked the Sepia picture much better. I can only imagine what a pain Christmas cards are going to be when the two younger ones care what they look like in it.

We went to the parade Saturday night it was fun. I have quite a few pictures. I will upload them and see if Blogher will let me load them to share. I will say goodbye for now as it seems this post is getting longer and longer. Yes, I know I am long winded.......Sorry.

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