Wednesday, December 10, 2008

December is flying by......

This month is going by so quickly and I haven't finished a thing. No Christmas cards posted yet. No Holiday baking. No homemade gifts from the girls started yet. (although they ask me every night if we can get started but I am just so pooped) (pooped looks funny in print eh...) We have already done our Holiday traditional Hay Ride at the annual "Christmas in the Park" which I am so disappointed I got a great picture of the younger girls with Santa and I cannot upload it because Blogger won't let me. It is such a great picture that if Soccer Girl would of been with us (I just can't get used to this growing up and having your own social life thing) I would be using it for our Christmas card this year and that would of been one thing off my list to do. See it is all Soccer Girl's fault. This weekend we have our annual "town" parade which we make fun of every year but still absolutely HAVE to go to. After this week just one more week of school, the kids get out December 19th which means I am off work too. I am really looking forward to that. I have all these plans of things I want to do with the girls hopefully I can at least do a few. (Did I mention over Thanksgiving break I was going to paint the kitchen cabinets. Yeah, like that got done NOT.) So that is not even on the list. Maybe this summer. LOL I will try to find some photos that will post over the next few weeks and hopefully you will all be getting my Christmas card if I can manage to get that done......Happy Holidays!!!!!!

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