Friday, January 15, 2010

Ego Bruise Ouch!!!!

So this afternoon I am walking around the neighborhood with two of my little charges. Hollie age 4 and Dominic age 2. They are having a blast on the little tricycle and scooter. An older gentleman neighbor is outside and he smiles at the children. He then looks at me and in the nicest of voices says. "Hi there, are these two little cuties your Grandchildren?" WHAT???? Did he just say what I think he did??? GRANDCHILDREN??? You have got to be kidding!!! So I smile sweetly and in the nicest of voices I reply "No I just babysit them, my children are in SCHOOL. Of course, I didn't mention that one of them is only one short year away from graduating from High School. He didn't need to know that, he had already done enough damage to my ego. Oh, and just for the record when I am out and about with Dominic (because he is blonde haired and blue eyed like me) I hear all the time "Oh little guy you look just like your Mommy" to which from now on instead of "oh he's not mine." I am going to reply "oh do you think so? THANKS!!!"

Have a great Weekend!!!!

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