Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just to name a few.....

1. Our weather has returned to normal. We are having beautiful, sunny, breezy days with cool nights.

2. Mighty Mouth got her hair permed and cut into a bob it looks adorable and it is so easy to manage in the morning. Thanks Mom.....

3. I did 3 miles tonight and maintained 16.5 minutes per mile. It just about killed me but I am getting closer to that 16 minute mile. Then I just have to be able to maintain it for 13.1 miles. (trying not to worry to much about that, after all I have till October)

4. Soccer Girl and Boyfriend have made it to the one month mark this time around.

5. My Mom has started walking with me and I am so proud of her. I push her really hard and she complains the WHOLE time but she does it and that's what matters..

6. I tried butternut squash for the first time last night and I am in love. It tasted just like sweet potatoes but with half the carbs.... Yummy.... Thanks Gram for telling me how to cook it.

7. I am really enjoying my evenings this past week because high school soccer is over and little league softball hasn't started yet for the younger two. I have about another three weeks before the weekday evening rush returns.

8. There are three movies I really want to see "The lovely Bones", Extraordinary Measures", and "It's complicated" and just can't seem to fit even one of them in. Oh well, I guess I will wait for pay per view (I love the convenience of pay per view). It's probably better that way anyhow because I want to read the book "The lovely Bones" before I see the movie and I haven't finished "Love, Eat, Pray" yet. It's a good book I am just finding it hard to finish.

9. I was trying to make it to ten but nine is all you get........

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