Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back in the Swing:

Of things that is. So um where was I, gosh it seems like forever since I have posted. School has started and my girls are loving it. Soccer Girl is a senior in high school I can't believe it. Yes, she will graduate in June 2011. I know this real well because she is forever chanting along with the other seniors "one, one". Kind of funny eh? She has a tough year ahead she is taking 5 AP classes (yes, I tried to talk her out of it but she wouldn't listen) so I am just wishing her luck. She has also started filling out her college applications and writing her application essays. I can't believe that this time next year she will be in college and if all goes according to plan and finances living on campus away from home. Miss Priss is in 8th grade her last year of Middle School and feeling very comfortable. She is finally participating in school a little bit, (remember she is the shy one) she has joined the yearbook staff this year and is having fun with that. Mighty Mouth has started sixth grade and is enjoying it. I love dropping them off in the morning and watching my two girls walk up to the school together (it's the five minutes of the day where they are not fighting.) She also celebrated a birthday on the 1st. She is Eleven now and so tall. I know it is just a matter of time before she is taller than Miss Priss and probably later Soccer Girl. She is all arms and legs. She has started wearing a little makeup to school. Growing up quick.

Now that we are back from our trip we are trying to do some home improvements. Last year it was the kitchen re-face and this year hopefully before it is over we are replacing our windows. We have two installed already with 5 more to go. We would also like to replace the sliding door in Mighty Mouth's room with French Doors. She has always hated the fact that her room has a door instead of a window. When we bought the house her room was used as an office so the slider out to the lanai was a nice feature, but for her it is awful because it scares her. So instead of putting in a window (we're thinking ahead for re-sale value) we will put in French doors that have the blinds inside them so that no light or "scary things" can see in.

In the next few weeks fall ball will be starting for MP and MM and high school swim has already begun for SG so our evenings will be busy. Tonight is MM first concert The Jonas Brothers. My friend and I our taking our daughters. It is an outdoor venue so I am a little concerned about the famous Florida evening storms but hopefully all will go well she is very excited.

Hope everyone is well. I am going to try to post more often on here wish me luck...

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