Monday, September 27, 2010


I have been struggling lately with so many things. Let me make a list:

1. My job and how confining it can be.

2. My girl parts and how they require all these Dr's Appts.

3. Finances, I'm not complaining I know we're not really struggling, but struggling to figure out WHERE all our money goes????

4. Friendships and how dissapointing they can be not just for myself but for my daughters as well.

5. Making dinner, I know silly, but man I struggle with having to make dinner every night...

Okay, I am glad I decided to write that down because now it doesn't seem so overwhelming. I mean there are only five things on the list.

So, I guess I am not really struggling as bad as I thought I was. (smile)

With that in mind I have decided to move on by concentrating on things I am grateful for and so I am starting my new challenge to blog everyday with something I am grateful for on that day.

So today I am grateful that:

1. My sister came over and I got to spend time with her and my neice.
2. That my little Dominic (boy I babysit) is feeling better he was sick last week.
3. That Mighty Mouth got a 88% on her health test a class she was initially struggling in and we really studied hard together for that test.

Ok I am quickly seeing how this could get really out of hand because I have SO MANY things to be grateful for so I am going to stop because I realize that the purpose of this challenge is just to list a few pertaining to this day even though EVERY day I have so much to be grateful for.

Wow, I feel better after writing this post, I don't feel like I am struggling nearly as much. Thank you Internet and have a grateful day!!!!

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