Saturday, September 25, 2010


So for awhile now (about 1 1/2 years) I have been trying to save money on groceries. Being a family of five and having two teenagers and a preteen you can probably imagine how groceries become a huge part of my budget. Second only to my mortgage in fact. I had seen this website on Oprah called the Grocery Game and joined that for awhile (there was a minimal fee involved) then I discovered that there were several free websites that do the same thing. After I was doing it for awhile I really didn't rely to heavily on the website but would still refer to them at least a few times a month because sometimes I would miss something. On those websites people loved to post pictures of their loot and talk about how cheap they got it. I am no exception I get incredibly excited about my savings and love to brag to my family and friends. It surprises me how so few people will take the time to coupon shop. I have had several people ask me about it and then reply "oh, I don't have time for all that." I'm not going to lie it does take a little bit of time but like I always say I have lots of time I don't have lots of money. Yesterday was one of my best days. I got $182.00 worth of groceries for $81.00 so I couldn't resist piling all the groceries on my counter and taking a photograph. (Of course I really wish I had finished the touch up painting that needed to be done after we installed a new exhaust fan that totally shows on this picture) So take a look.....impressed??? I know you are..... (smile)

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