Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Dr.

Today I am grateful for my Gyn. She is so wonderful. When I first went to see her 2 1/2 years ago I just really liked her we "clicked" so important when someone is looking at my most embarrassing parts. (smile) As I mentioned before I have seen her more than normal this last month. Today we discussed my surgery (very routine outpatient surgery) and as I was leaving I said well I guess I will see you in about a month. (when my surgery will be scheduled) "Yes you will" she said and she reached out and hugged me. How awesome is that. I have never been hugged by a Dr. before. She just makes you feel so comfortable like she is your friend and she really cares. I believe she does as I am sure all Dr's do but perhaps can't convey it as well. I'm not saying were going to be BFF's or anything or hang out outside of the office but she makes you feel like you could. So today I am grateful for my wonderful Dr who I just think the world of. Oh yeah and Health Insurance because you know this isn't going to be cheap.....

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