Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day in pictures...

Sydnee showing McKenlee her new iphone.

My Grandmother bought us a rope and ladder game to play instead of our usual Corn Hole.

Cleaning up the wrapping paper and throwing away a McKenlee

The first gift of the morning.

All dressed up for Christmas dinner.

The annual Aunt Sharon, Dave and I in the kitchen photo.

Christmas dinner table.

Putting together the ladder game.

Making breakfast with my girls Christmas morning.

The game is set up and ready go.

Sydnee opening up yet another white dress.  We always buy her white clothing because with being a lifeguard she is so tan in the summer that white looks fantastic on her.

Opening her new cleats.  She plays in a intramural soccer league at her university and her old cleats were being held together with duct tape. 

Natalie opening her white Sperry's. (We have every color of Sperry's known to man in this house between my three girls.)

Goofy girl McKenlee showing her sisters The Hunger Games DVD.

Natalie wanted flowered jeans this year which made me laugh because I had flowered jeans in High School.

UCF Knight Slippers.

This one cracks me up,  it was quite a production getting this game set up can you tell.  LOL 

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