Saturday, December 29, 2012

Our morning in Ybor and Channelside...

Today we made plans with our best friends Tricia and Mark to head over to historic Ybor City for their farmers/craft market and then ride the trolley car all around down town and have lunch at Hooters. Sydnee invited her boyfriend Matt so we were a group of ten. We joked that Matt was Mark and Tricia's son for the day so we could take advantage of the cheaper family passes for the trolley. We also told the two college sophomores that they were 17 for the day to save me $10. (please don't judge lol )

 It rained all night last night and was still pretty drizzly this morning so I was worried we might have to cancel. We decided to go for it and later it ended up being a gorgeous day. Unfortunately, because it was rainy in the morning there were not many vendors at the market. Of course, this did not stop Mark from buying 10 mini loafs of banana bread from a husband/wife baking stand. (I bought 2 they were so good) The circus is also in town in our neck of the woods so we got to see a few of the animals as they were walked from their traveling trailers to their holding areas. We had about a 20 minute wait for the first trolley car run so we stopped at an outside bar and had a quick drink. (Beers for the guys and sodas for the kids) There were a ton of little restaurants and bistros with outdoor patios. Definitely some where we want to go back when we don't have the kids with us.

We also popped our heads into Splittsville which is a restaurant and bar with 12 bowling lanes and pool tables. That also looked like a lot of fun and something we could do another time with the kids. Of course, because it is very popular and there are only 12 lanes reservations are a must.  We also saw the Carnival cruise ship Paradise come into port and the lines of people waiting to board her for their cruise. So naturally, McKenlee had to go on and on about how she is the only one who hasn't been on one and we "really need to go Mom."

 It was a great day and somewhere we will definitely check out again preferably on a sunny day so maybe the market will have more things to check out.

Dave, Marissa and McKenlee on the trolley car.

Tricia and I on the trolley car.

Tricia and I standing out front of Coyote Ugly. (at night Ybor is a renowned party town)

Dave, Mark, Natalie, Sydnee and Matt waiting for the trolley car.

All over Ybor Roosters and Hens roam freely.  Not sure why??

Marissa and McKenlee.

Having a quick drink while waiting.

Carson and his girlfriend for the day Natalie.  (Carson was all about Natalie today  it was to cute.)

Sydnee, Matt and Carson.

Pretty girls.


The Carters said...

Finally getting to catch up on my blog reading :) What a fun Christmas break for ya'll!! I love how you have a boxing day tradition. And the trolley ride sounds fun. We have one here that I'll have to take the boys on soon.
Happy New Year!

Carin said...

I love the hens roaming freely :)
Happy new year!!!!!!!