Monday, February 4, 2013

A "Heart Attack" at our house...

I was recently inspired by one of my favorite blogs 71toes.  Shawnee has a tradition in her family that each member of her family makes a heart for the others and writes something that they love about them.

Sydnee was coming home this weekend and I thought how fun it would be for our family to make hearts for each other.  Sometimes the girls make fun of the cutesy, sentimental things that I like to do.  But this time they were totally on board and really enjoyed making the hearts.  I thought for sure Dave would have no interest in making the hearts and I would have to beg and guilt him into making his.  However, I was pleasantly surprised.  He quickly grabbed his hearts and made them.

I was really proud of my family. A lot of thought and humor went into their hearts and I think they look great on the wall.

I want to record what was written on every heart so bare with me here.

 Dave's To me: Kingie (he wrote the nicknames he calls us all on his)
 I love the new you. (I think he is referring to the exercising) Not that I didn't love the old you.
 I love that you take care of everything in this household.
 That you always come up with stuff like this corny heart crap. (Yes, he said crap and I wanted to do this verbatim)
 I love that you keep me in touch with my limits.
 I love that we will grow old together.

Dave's to Sydnee:  Coco Pops
I love that you have turned into a beautiful young lady and make me proud to be your Dad.
I love that you have found what you want in life.
I love that you show your love for me every time you are home.
I love that you are always ready to help the family out.
I love that you take the big sister role well.

Dave's to Natalie: Nattie Pattie
I love that you have goals set in school and strive to make them.
That you know what you want in a boyfriend/relationship and will not take second place.
I love the way you are close to your big sister now.
I love how you think you have it the hardest and no one has it harder. (I know he means this in a funny way because Natalie is our great complainer)

Dave's to McKenlee: Big Mac
I love how you look out for your friends and defend anything that is said bad about them.
I love how you thought you should drive at the age of 12.
I love that you have worked so hard on your report card.
I love that you are full of confidence and will try anything, this will take you far.

Mine to Dave:
I love how when you love someone you are loyal to the end. Wow, I'm a lucky girl.
I love what a great Father you are and how you are proud but "quietly proud" of our girls.
I love how you have NEVER been afraid of hard work especially when it benefited the family you hold so dear.
I love how everyone "loves Dave" this is proof of just how special you are.

Mine to Sydnee:
I love you because you have such a strong work ethic.  You give everything you do 100%.
This wonderful quality that you possess inspires me.
(I have to add here that when we first started doing these it was suppose to be one thing, but then we all just kind of elaborated as we got more into it.  Sydnee's was one of the first one's I did so hers is shorter )

Mine to Natalie:
I love your appreciation for detail.  Everything about you is so put together right down to the smallest item.
You have always had your own sense of style and you are very much a planner.  I love that you only open your heart to a special few.  How lucky am I to be one of the chosen.

Mine to McKenlee:
I love your sense of humor you always make me laugh.
You are the life of the party and so much fun to be around.
God sure knew what he was doing when he snuck you in and made us a party of five.

Sydnee to her Daddy:
I love you because of how hard working and willing you are to help others, even strangers, out.

Sydnee to me:
I love how much love is in your heart.  Enough to love your girls and all your little kiddies.
I love you to the moon and back.

Sydnee to Natalie:
I love you because you are the only one who comes and cuddles with me when I come home from school.

Sydnee to McKenlee:
I love how you defend everyone, even if they don't need defending. (See Sydnee was good and stuck to the one sentence rule lol)

Natalie to her Daddy:
I love how whatever exercise or stunt my sisters and I try to do you always think you can do it better and try to keep up with your kids.  Even when it means trying to do head/handstands.

Natalie to me:
Mama Swan (a nickname Sydnee gave me awhile ago)
I love the way you always try your best. With walking, cooking, cleaning and daycare or as Syd said "being a housewife."

Natalie to Sydnee:
I love that you are always there for me to talk to.  Whether it's boy drama, sister drama, or the ever so challenging pre-calculus.

Natalie to McKenlee:
No matter how many times I kick you out of my room you still come charging back in.  You never give up or let anyone knock you down.  That's what I love about you.

McKenlee to her Daddy:
To the Big Bad Dad,
I love the fact that I get to call you Dad.  I love your accent and hilarious jokes.
I know I have a mouth but remember THAT'S how I show my love, really.

McKenlee to me:
I love you so much and your the best Mom anyone could ever have. But your not just my Mom
you are my best friend. (Oh yeah, you know that one got me.)
I can tell you anything without feeling embarrassed.  I can come to you for anything because I know you are there for me. Thanks for backing me up with Dad.
On the back she wrote how proud she was of my walking. :)

McKenlee to Sydnee:
I love you.  I love that you always put me in my place, because without you I would be in the hood. (huh?this cracked me up)
I am very proud of you for working so hard in college.
Well thanks for being there and picking me up from school when your home.
Love, Your Hood Figga.  (oh my gosh this girl is a nut)

McKenlee to Natalie:
What I love about you is nothin. Just kidding.
I love that you always help me when I need advice.
And you have cute clothes that I borrow.
Your always there for me even when we fight, which is ALOT.
I still love you DEEP, very deep down. (I'm telling you, this girl is a future comedian)

Oh these were fun, and sweet, and funny.  Definitely a new Valentine Tradition!!

Happy Monday!!!

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