Monday, February 18, 2013

Homemade Pie...

Yesterday, I decided to attempt my first pie with a homemade crust.

My Grandmother is known for her delicious crust.

I have been going to learn how to make it for years and just have not gotten around to it. So I decided yesterday was the day. We had exceptionally cold weather for Florida yesterday and nothing sounded better than a roast pork dinner and a homemade apple pie.

I was very excited when I told my family that I was going to be attempting the homemade pie that Natalie wanted to learn and help too.

I made the crust according to my Grandmother's recipe but when it came to rolling it out and putting it in the pie plate I had lots of questions, so I called my Grandmother. She graciously offered to come over and help. (The plus of living within a mile of your Mother, Grandmother, two Aunts, and and Uncle.) Yeah, were a pretty tight nit clan.

She came over to help and then joined us later for dinner. The pie was excellent. I made it with Honey Crisp apples, my absolute favorite.
But the best part was spending time with my Grandmother and Natalie keeping the pie making tradition alive for another generation.
I'm to lazy to put these pictures in order but here my Gram is showing Natalie how to line the first layer of apples.

Here she is showing us how to connect the top and bottom crust so the apples don't ooze out as they cook.

This one is a little posed for photographer Dave.  LOL 

Still layering.  my Gram looks lost in thought in this one.  Ha Ha 

Love this one, instructing Natalie on rolling the dough out.

Love that girl.

All done, it was delicious.

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The Carters said...

That pie looks delicious! That's the one thing that's so hard living in MN - being so far away from family. Glad your girls have had extended family just around the corner :)