Sunday, February 17, 2013

Half Marathon...

A week ago today I accomplished a goal I have had for such a long time.

I completed 13.1 miles, a half marathon. It was awesome and horrible all at the same time. LOL

When I would read other people describe races they had done I always thought it was interesting how they would break it into miles.

Well, after last Sunday I totally get it. LOL

My first 7 miles were fantastic I was feeling great and not in any pain. Mile 8 hit and oh my gosh all bets were off. Suddenly I was slowing way down, my feet started to hurt. My back started to hurt, WHAT?? My back has never hurt. Feet most definitely, legs you better believe it but back? I was seriously starting to think I might not finish.

I struggled through and then when I got to mile 10 it was like I got a second wind. My speed picked up I was singing to my Ipod. (Yes, I do that but softly, well mostly softly) I was like okay, that was a bad two miles but I so got this, and I did.

Until, mile 12 hit.  Then it was like de ja vu of mile 8 only ten times worse. I just kept telling myself in thirty five minutes this will all be over so just keep moving.

So I did, AND I finished, AND I cried, AND my youngest snapped my picture,  AND it is horrible but I'm sharing it anyways because you know what?


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