Wednesday, March 28, 2012


We drove to Ashville today it's about two hours from where we are staying. We contemplated the Biltmore as we have heard it is a must see. I guess it will have to be a must see for next time. I knew the girl's were itching to get some shopping in. Usually whenever we go on vacation we take one day and find a mall. We buy the girls a few things and it has become a tradition they both really look forward too. (of course who wouldn't lol) So we headed to Ashville Mall and the girl's were thrilled because it had all the stores they love. We then had a late lunch/early dinner at a little deli called McAllister's. It was delicious, it was kind of like a Panera type set up but with a much bigger variety of meals. We then headed back to the townhouse. Again, I was thrilled not to be heading up the mountain in the dark. The girl's then put on their new clothes to show us. Some things they never grow out of and I love it. Ever since they were small whenever we would buy them clothes (or my Mom would) they would always come home and put on a fashion show for us. While they don't strut around and introduce each other like they did when they were little they still enjoy showing us everything they purchased. I guess sometimes you do get to hold onto to a little bit of their childhood if your lucky......

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