Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Family Picnic in Englewood....

Sunday we had our annual family picnic down at Englewood Beach. Every March my Aunt and Uncle come down for three weeks and stay at this cute little beach front hotel. It's not real fancy but it is quiet and very peaceful. It's a private beach so it's never crowded. We always have a fantastic day when we go and this year was no exception. We missed Sydnee of course because she was at college and didn't come home this last weekend. But it was a beautiful day!!!!

McKenlee flying the kite. The beach is always the best place to fly a kite don't ya think. The sea breeze makes it so easy and as a bonus there are no trees.

Lounging and looking in the sand for little mole crabs for bait.

We went snorkling (the water was crystal clear) and found some ocean hermit crabs. We kept them in the bucket for a little while to watch them then I had the girl's put them back in the ocean, Lord knows we have enough pets. LOL

Here is Natalie holding a mole crab. They are so cute sometimes it's hard to use them as bait. None of us will bait the hook, Dave has to do it. LOL

Natalie digging for shells and mole crabs...

What a wonderful day!!!

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