Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday in the mountains

Today another beautiful morning in the mountains. Dave and I headed to the gym first thing to swim some laps in the pool. (it's adults only from 9 to 10am.) Then we headed back to have some breakfast with the girls. We then visited one of the local waterfalls, Whitewater Falls. It was so beautiful. Then we were not really sure what we wanted to do so in true "Dave fashion" he suggested we just get on HWY 64 and keep driving into the next town "Brevard." So we did and that ended up being a really great idea. We found ourselves almost walking back in time. There was about a 4 block vicinity where there were a bunch of little shops and restaurants. We did a little shopping then had lunch at this adorable fifties style diner. We then headed over to the only movie theater I think in about a 45 mile area. It was really old fashioned in style and only showed one movie as they only had one auditorium. Luckily, it was the movie we wanted to see. "The Hunger Games." I loved it, I thought they really did justice to the book and took a lot of the violence out which was good for me because I thought the book was really violent. I was really nervous that it was going to be dark when we headed back up the mountain. I'm just not liking the idea of driving up that mountain in the dark. We got lucky though and made it home before the sun set. I must be getting a little used to it though because this last time heading up didn't seem so bad.

Going canoeing tomorrow. Should be a good day.....

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