Saturday, March 31, 2012

Home Sweet Home...

We are home, we left North Carolina Friday after breakfast and a quick workout at the gym.
Funny enough the drive back seemed longer than the ride there. Isn't it usually the other way around? There are just few things small things that I want to remember from this trip so I am going to list them here.

1. Whenever we would go around a bend on the mountain (to fast as far as I was concerned) as I was begging Dave to slow down the girl's (and later Dave hopped on the band wagon) would squeal
"weeeeeee, Maxwell we're home." from the Geico commercial with the pig.

2. Every morning when we would wake up we would hear a woodpecker pecking away at his home. He would go at it for at least two hours every morning. It became part of our morning to wake up and listen to the "woodpecker music". I tried several times to get a picture of him but every time he saw me on the balcony with the camera he would fly away.

3. Every time we would go up and down the mountain McKenlee would announce that her ears "were popping" we kept laughing and telling her "we know McKenlee ours are too" but she still told us every time. Towards the end of the week I jumped on her band wagon and started making the announcement when mine would pop.

4. As we were getting ready to go canoeing and were getting our last minute instructions on the rocks next to our canoes was a big black snake sunning himself. That was reassuring... LOL

It feels good to be home but I will miss that mountain weather. Florida is as warm as ever...

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