Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Admitting it is the first step..

Hello, my name is Suzie and I am a TV addict. I didn't really realize it until the other night. I was at a party for my friend's birthday and was chatting with some neighbors. We got on the subject of TV. We started talking about shows we enjoy. I started talking about all the shows that I watch or more appropriately DVR. My friend's husband looked at me and said "do you have a life"? He meant it in a very joking manner and I was not insulted in any way. I have to admit though it got me thinking. I thought about all the things that I fit into my day, and yet I still manage to keep up on these shows as well. My mind quickly went somewhere I didn't want it to. The little voice saying to me "well if you have enough time for all this TV watching then certainly you could fit in some exercise right?" In my defense, it is really my beloved DVR that makes it all possible. With the assistance of the DVR I can watch my TV shows whenever I want plus I get to skip all the commercials. But I'm rambling this post is supposed to be about my addiction not the time that my addiction steals from my life. So without further ado I would like to share with you my list of favorite shows that I watch EVERY week. "Army Wives" "The Amazing Race" "Terminator, the Sarah Connor chronicles" "Fringe" "The Biggest Loser" "Jon and Kate plus Eight" "Little People Big World" "17 children and counting" "Adoption Stories" "Lipstick Jungle" "Survivor" "Desperate Housewives" "Brothers and Sisters" and some that will premier after the holiday's "Lost" and "Friday Night Lights". To be honest there are probably more but that is all I can think of at this time. This does not even mention my book addiction. I am also an avid reader and am currently immersed in the "Twilight" series. No, these books are not just for young adults I am really enjoying them. Oh and I must mention one more author that I was introduced to from another blog "Jen Lancaster" her first memoir in her 4 book series is called "Bitter is the New Black. If you are a reader and could use a good laugh and let's face it who couldn't right now in our economic state check her out. I have never laughed so hard reading a book. Anyway, confession over am I a TV addict? You be the judge..........


Momtopiglets said...

You aren't the only one! I'm WAY more of an addict then you are! we have to find some way to escape for a little while don't we?

Bronte said... need to tape "pushing daisies" it comes on Weds. night and it's hilarious.