Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Beautiful cool day.....

A taste of fall we finally got today. It was gorgeous, sunny and cool. I got to wear a sweatshirt yes you heard me A SWEATSHIRT... At Mighty Mouth's soccer practice tonight I even walked for an hour and sprinted a couple of times in that hour. Yes, I do believe that counts as EXERCISE!!!! I haven't been sleeping real well for the last few days so I am hoping that the fresh air and exercise will help me sleep good tonight. It is so much easier for me to exercise when it is cool. (Not that I still don't have a million excuses when it's cooler too) I absolutely hate to sweat it is just gross to me. ( I know, I really have to get over that) We are suppose to have this cool weather through the weekend. I am so looking forward to a cool Halloween. It just puts you more in the fall spirit when it is cool on Halloween. I can't tell you how many times I have sweat my booty off and gotten eaten alive by mosquitoes on Halloween. So my plans for the next few days are to be outside as much as possible. Happy Halloween!!!!!

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