Thursday, October 9, 2008

Yes, she said that

This morning Miss Priss was the only one still home. Her school starts the latest. I was trying (as always) to keep the house picked up. (losing battle I know) There was a hair brush on the floor. I asked her to please pick it up and put in in the bathroom. She says "but I didn't use that brush." (Yes, she said that) So for the millionth time I explain to her that it does not matter who used it last. I was asking her to pick it up. I went on to add as I do almost every time I have this conversation with my daughters that I pick up tons of things that I did not use. We are a family and we all help out. Her reply "I think Mighty Mouth was the last to use this so technically I am picking up her mess, that is not fair" (Yes, she said that) Frustrated at this point I tell her to stop being petty and just put it away. "Well", she says "she needs to pick up something after me now." (Yes, she said that) I cannot wait until they have children and they call me and say "you will not believe what my daughter said to me today" to which I will reply "try me".....

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