Saturday, October 18, 2008

Having a nice weekend...

This probably going to be kind of a boring post. Not a whole lot of interesting is happening around here this weekend. We had a long weekend because the kids were out of school on Friday. That was kind of nice. I still had my toddler and preschoolers that I watch. Well sort of I was down one preschooler because he went away with his family for a long weekend but I picked up an extra older brother. On Friday I, along with 7 kids ( I also picked up an extra teenager) headed to the beach. It was a gorgeous day. Sunny but not stifling, the water even had a little "chill" to it when you first got in. When you have spent the whole summer swimming in bath water everytime you went to the beach you appreciate "refreshing water". It was a fantastic afternoon enjoyed by all. We got up this morning and went to Soccer Girls soccer game and they won 2-1 so that is always nice. I came home and took a nap (yes I said NAP it was AWESOME) Soccer Girl had boyfriend's Homecoming tonight so we were invited to the parents of one of boyfriend's friends for snacks and picture taking. I wasn't really sure about that one because I knew we wouldn't know anyone except boyfriend's family, but it ended up being a lot of fun. Englishman and I felt very welcomed and really had a nice time. Tomorrow we have decided to go back to the beach since it was so nice on Friday. This time I am really looking forward to it because I won't have to be constantly doing head counts LOL....Other than that just a nice relaxing weekend. I hope you are having one too.

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