Monday, January 26, 2009

Over a week??

I can't believe it has been over a week since I have blogged. I have written about three different blogs in my head but just haven't had a minute to put them down in print. Last week I guess was just a very busy week. I must share I had a "first" last week. I think it was Wednesday or Thursday (all my days seem to run together). We had a cold spell. That's what us Floridians call it. "A cold spell" we say this because we never have cold weather for any length of time, but just for a "spell". So I take Soccer Girl to school that morning or rather she takes me (remember she is driving now) and we go out to the car and there is an ice coating on the windows. You can't see a thing. So we do what every other Florida person does we get in the car turn on the heat and wait a minute or two....or three or four. But the ice was not going anywhere and we had to get her to school or she would be late. So I vaguely remembered hearing stories from my family and friends in colder states about using a credit card to scrape the windows if you don't have an "ice scraper thingy" and yes believe it or not we don't own an "ice scraper thingy". So out she went (Soccer Girl of course I am the elder so now she must go out into the cold) to scrape the windshield with a credit card. Who would of thought de-icing a windshield in Florida?? I even had to turn the heat on in the house for more than a couple of hours and that never happens. I am happy to say we are back to warmer weather. Although the cold spell was nice for a change. Because if you remember I am the same girl who complained all last summer about it being SOOOO hot. I know, I know, hard to please that's me.......

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