Thursday, August 23, 2012

Best of Luck Mr. and Mrs. Mendes...

Don't you hate it when really good friends and neighbors have to move away?
Of course, your happy as ever for them because you know it's going to be a wonderful opportunity. Especially when one of them has landed his dream job.   Plus, you know it's going to be awesome because they will be living in the mountains of Colorado.

 (I'm so jealous, you all know how much I hate Florida)

But the selfish part of you, you know the part of you that you try never to show anyone. Well, that part of me the "selfish girl" has these thoughts going through my head.

 1. Who is going to take care of my animals when we go away? (These friends are huge animal lovers and spoil ours rotten when we are away.)

 2. Who is going to  have the spare key for our girls (and sometimes ourselves) when we lock ourselves out of the house.

 3. Who are we going to borrow things from?

 4. Who is going to be our extra set of muscles when Dave needs help lifting or moving something heavy?

 5. Who are we going to chat with in the street when we happen to be pulling into our driveways at the same time?

 6. Who are we going to complain to about these one particular neighbors? LOL

 7. Whose dog is our other wonderful neighbor's dog going to play with since ours is so antisocial?

 Oh my gosh, I could go on and on.

 Fortunately, we are lucky enough to have other fantastic neighbors who will help fill the void. Two of those neighbors joined us last night as we all went to a farewell dinner for these friends.

 Of course, this picture was taken after we had gotten back from dinner and I had already changed into my "comfy (stretchy) clothes" which is why I am trying to hide behind Dave and Steve. LOL

 Best of luck CJ and Carissa we are going to miss you but couldn't be more happy for you as you begin this next chapter.

 P.S We will be visiting. LOL

Dave and I, Steve and Brandy, and CJ and Carissa

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