Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Our Hannah Morning...

Sunday morning my sister and Hannah stopped by. Julie was going to look at some plants that our neighbor's who moved had to leave behind. (Carissa, she took the ficus and was way excited about the Magnolia) As she was walking up to the door my niece picked me a beautiful weed flower.  I quickly put it in a little vase in my window sill.  The best part was how excited she got about it.  She wanted me to tell Dave and the girls all about the flower she picked me.  Hannah and I then played her MOST favorite game THE WII.  First, we played Mario Cart where we competed for 11th and 12th place. (Oh yes, my niece gets her fantastic Wii race car driving ability from her Auntie)   Then we played Just Dance and I have to tell you, Hannah has some moves!!
Then she decided she wanted to help Dave mow the lawn.  Just like her Auntie though she discovered real quick that it wasn't really all that fun mowing.  So then we painted, that was much more fun!!  What a great morning I had with my sweet girl!!
My beautiful flower.

Helping Uncle Dave mow.

Love her face in this one, not really liking the mowing as much as she thought she would..LOL

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