Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sydnee's first apartment...

Yesterday, we loaded up a moving truck with Sydnee's bedroom set and a bunch of generously donated furniture and headed to Orlando to move our girl into her first apt. She is incredibly excited to begin her sophomore year at UCF and live with two of her friends in her very first little home. We have been blessed with some very generous friends so the apartment is furnished very nicely. Between the three girls they had just about everything they could ever need. The only thing they had to purchase yesterday was a vacuum cleaner. They even have their first pets. One (the puppy) is only there for two weeks till he goes to his permanent home but the other a little tail less kitten named Stubbs is there to stay. What a cutie pie he is. I will have to get a picture from Sydnee to post. (You can't really get the full cuteness affect in the photo )  She is very excited to get back to the books and start school tomorrow. Her sisters start school tomorrow too so it will be a busy week in our house and Sydnee's house too. Wow, that sure seems weird to type "Sydnee's house (apt)." LOL
Sydnee and her two room mates Katie and Kayla

Their dining area which they decided to leave open with just the sofa table and use the bar
  to eat since it is such a small area.

Sydnee's room.

View of the kitchen and bar area.

Hanging lights in her room.  Two of her friends Ben and Kevin came to help her move in.

Another view of her room and closet which she put her desk in to make a study  area since the closet is so big.

Another view of the living room.  Dave taking a break after carrying furniture up three floors.  LOL

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The Carters said...

Oh I remember getting my first apartment in college - what fun!! I hope she has a wonderful year :)