Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Around Here...

Just a few things going on around here...

1.  Fall ball has started and McKenlee is playing.  We have new coaches and a lot of new girls on the team.  (Most of the other girls moved onto other travel ball teams once McKenlee's travel team disbanded and are not playing rec ball)  I really like it better this way.  This new coach moves the girls around a lot more and McKenlee is getting to pitch again.

2. Natalie is still swimming and practicing for the soccer team.  Try outs were last night and tonight.  They will be having a JV and Varsity team so either way she will be getting to play.  I am excited for her, I will keep you posted on what team she makes.

3.  My poor Sydnee was sick this past weekend.  Her room mate contracted strep throat and unfortunately Sydnee got it too.  She went to the campus clinic on Friday and they gave her antibiotics.  Poor thing she said at 3am Saturday morning she almost called me to come stay with her she was that miserable.  My poor girl wanted her Mommy, bless her heart she still needs me.   By Sunday afternoon though the antibiotics were kicking in and today when I talked to her she said she was tons better.  Thank goodness, I know she is an adult now but I still worry like crazy when she is sick.  Made me feel good to hear though that her circle of friends at school took excellent care of her and really went out of their way.

4.  We bought the mattress for McKenlee's bed last weekend so she can finally sleep in her own room.  I made the bed all up in there and it looks really nice.  Can't wait to get the dresser and night stand.  Dresser next month and then night stand in January. (We decided we better wait till January to get the night stand since December is such an expensive month.)  It has been so weird having to wait for it.  We have NEVER bought furniture this way.  We have always financed it and gotten it all at once.  I love the fact that we are paying cash though with no interest.  ( I know your thinking "why don't you just take advantage of the zero interest financing deals that are available all the time."

Well, been there done that. lol

We always say we will pay it off before the zero interest time limit is up and we NEVER do.  This has been a lesson in patience.

5.  I ended up keeping my Iphone upgrade because we found out that we can replace McKenlee's for $199.00 through Apple.  I didn't know that they offered that.  We haven't taken advantage of this yet because hers is working with the exception of the camera.  Clever enough though she downloaded some AP that allows her take take pictures another way.  Not really sure how, but man kids are smart these days. Plus, I am going to put off spending $199.00 as long as I can of course.  I just love the phone and Siri is a hoot.

Well, I guess that about sums up our last week or so.  I figured you probably got tired of hearing about our hamsters.  Sydnee said I should re-name the blog "House full of Hamsters."

I guess I have been a little obsessed with them lately.  But come on TEN hamsters that is definitely blog post worthy.  LOL

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