Saturday, October 27, 2012

Only child Saturday morning...

McKenlee is a card shark.  She loves to play cards and is really good at most card games.  I also love to play cards.  So last night and this morning McKenlee and I had two marathon games of Rummy.

 (I just have to add here that I won both games, usually she kicks my butt.)

As with most teenagers she does nothing without music playing in the background.  So as we played we listened to her current play list.  I don't know if I ever mentioned before but McKenlee is the comedian/actress/crazy one of our house.  She is always dancing around, acting silly, or singing in some dramatic style.  As we were playing cards she was singing to me with all her crazy expressions.  While she wasn't thrilled with the idea she allowed me to video tape her because I told her when she is older she will love looking back on what a goof she was. 

This video is classic McKenlee I hope you enjoy...

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The Carters said...

that is so funny!! I used to love to play cards in college. Instead of studying for finals I was always trying to round people up to play spades. At least your oldest takes studying serious - that's awesome :)