Friday, October 26, 2012

In our neck of the woods...

1. Dave got home early from work today because yesterday he was in a car accident at work in his UPS truck.  A woman rear ended him pretty bad.  So he went to the Dr. today just to have them run some tests and take some Xrays to make sure he was alright.  Thankfully he is, they just gave him some muscle relaxers for back stiffness and told him to take it easy for a few days.

2. Natalie is on a cruise to Mexico with the family of a friend and she will be gone until Monday.  I miss her like crazy of course but know she is having a great time.  Sydnee went on her first cruise with a friends family when she was in high school too so now all we are hearing from McKenlee is "when do I get to go on a cruise".  It would be nice for all of us to go together at some point.  Maybe next year.

3.  I weaned my baby hamsters this week from Mommy.  I left her one little girl with her so she wouldn't be to lonely. I put one girl in with older sister and left the 4 boys together in a big cage.  Now I just have to keep checking to make sure they remain 4 boys and 2 girls. (I know that sounds crazy but I am not kidding at this early age it is so hard to tell)  LOL  As soon as I am sure I will move one in with Dad so he isn't lonely anymore since his other son went to his new home a couple weeks ago.  Now if I can just find these other ones homes.  We are currently the owners of nine Hamsters.  Way to many.

4. Our weather is cooling off this week. Yay, highs in the upper seventies lows in the lower sixties.  This will be the first Halloween in ages where it has been cool.  Yippee!!

5. Tomorrow night since McKenlee is an only child this weekend (Sydnee at college and Natalie on a cruise) she is having some friends over for a Halloween Town movie party.  My kids love the Disney channel Halloween Town movies so this year I bought the DVD's so we could make watching them a Halloween tradition.  The junk food is bought and ready to go I just have to pick up some ice cream and toppings tomorrow.

6.  Natalie had her first High School Soccer game this week and I am happy to report she didn't spend the whole game on the bench.  In fact, she played more than she sat.  It might be because two key players were home with the flu but hey, she will take what she can get.  I was very proud of her and could tell she was really nervous but she did just fine.

7. That's what's happening in "our neck of the woods".

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