Monday, October 15, 2012

The no T.V challenge...

Saturday morning over breakfast Dave started teasing me once again over my television viewing.  My whole family LOVES to make comments on how much T.V they think I watch.  I always have to defend myself and explain that while I admit I do watch quite a few programs I am a "productive" T.V watcher and not a "mindless" T.V watcher like my husband.  I have specific shows that I watch and DVR almost everything which means no commercials which is key to productive T.V watching.  Time must not be wasted on commercials.  My husband on the other hand never watches anything in it's entirety and is constantly flipping the channels around during commercials. (this is why he never watches an entire show he gets side tracked with his flipping lol)

During this morning discussion Dave throws out the statement.

 "You could not live without your T.V"

To which I reply "You would miss T.V way more than I would"

There you have it folks the start of a challenge, because of course we both have to prove each other wrong.

So we made a pact that we will have no T.V in our house for a whole  week.  Nothing until next Saturday morning.  We are hoping this will encourage more family time.  Which I have to admit in just the two days it really has.  Saturday night after Dave took the girls to a Rowdies Soccer game they came home and played golf on the Wii.  (I was at a girls night out with some friends)
Any other time they would of come home and watched T.V.  Last evening we hung out on the back porch enjoying the cooler evening and reading before bed.

That will be my ace in the hole.  I am a reader and have 3 books on my Kindle right now I haven't gotten to because of other commitments  see: the fall lineup on T.V. ha ha   Dave did read a magazine last night but by nature is not a reader.  I give him about two more days.  lol

I will keep you posted...

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The Carters said...

Good luck! I could definitely live without TV - just not the internet :) But my hubby has to have the TV on each night. And he's a surfer, can never leave it on the same thing for very long.