Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Varsity it is...

Remember here when I mentioned that Natalie was trying out for her high schools soccer team.  I also mentioned that she hasn't played soccer in 7 years and when she did she was never really sure she liked it.

Well, I guess she must of liked it a little and paid a little more attention then I thought when watching all of her sisters games she was dragged to when she was little.

Because VARSITY IT IS.  whoop, whoop.

No one was more surprised than Natalie herself and her joke last night when she found out was "my position is left bench."  LOL

While it is probably very true she will be spending a lot of time on the bench I am very proud of her and very excited to be back on those bleachers watching high school soccer games.

Way to go Natalie!!!!!

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