Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Out of her box...

Natalie has been on my mind a lot lately.  She has been very busy and hasn't been home much, I miss her.

She has been so busy with school sports and friends.  This is kind of out of character for her as she is usually my home body.  I love that she is coming out of her box a bit.  She is my shy girl and by nature not very out going but she has been turning over a new leaf lately and getting involved in more things.

She decided she wanted to try out for her high school soccer team this year.  She hasn't played soccer since she was 8 years old.  The old Natalie would  of never had the confidence to do this.  So right now she is burning the candle at both ends between swim practice and meets, soccer practice, and school work.  She has even managed to fit in some time with her friends and boyfriend into this schedule.  The old Natalie would of been overwhelmed by this.

Needless to say I am incredibly proud of her.  I love the fact that she is branching out and trying new things.  I love that she is becoming more out going and gaining confidence.  I love what a wonderful young woman she is becoming.

Yeah, I guess it's safe to say I just really love her!!!!

Standing on the field she will hopefully be playing soccer on in a few weeks.
  (It was very sunny that day can you tell? LOL)

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